Saturday, January 7, 2012

Next Stop - Deadbeat Nation

We're getting set to increase the debt ceiling again. Over 16 TRILLION. Politics as usual. Fiscal responsibility - nah, that can't work. Living within our means? That's only expected of hard working, tax paying Americans. Don't be fooled. This is partly about buying allegience & elections. It's also part of a work in progress - the purposeful, systematic dismantling of a great nation, bringing it to her knees, making her weaker, while freedom & individualism become obsolete. And this work is being expedited, with the help of a hardcore socialist craving media, to create enough havoc & damage ahead of the 2012 elections that the results of our votes will border on meaningless. Severe defense cuts loom while entitlement programs expand. Appointments are being made illegally. The Constitution is being run through a shredder. As Senator Rubio states in his letter (below) we are becoming a deadbeat nation.

Obama has not served the will of the people. He is not a leader &, based on his actions & inaction, this country of ours is headed in exactly the direction that he & his socialist cronies mapped out & cowardly elected officials - FROM BOTH PARTIES - stand by & watch.   

We need leaders with courage, integrity & stamina. We need leaders that love this nation & put the interests of this country ahead of ego, personal gain & cronyism. We need more Marco Rubios.