Monday, September 28, 2009

Why Should I Care?

Had a FaceBook conversation the other day with a 30something year old who had grown up with my kids. I'd posted something about how irate I was that China was flying their flag on White House property to commemorate the annversary of communism. His comment / reply was that there were more important concerns in life, like career, paying bills, the environment, etc, to worry about, rather than what "banner" was flying in DC. Needless to say, it took some effort to offer a controlled reply, particularly when taking into account the fact that China's backing in Korea & Viet Nam helped the enemy kill 100,000 US soldiers.

Here's the thing - If certain programs are passed, we're all going to lose by way of increased costs, taxes, regulation and, eventually our freedom. Social Security & Medicare are on the verge of bankruptcy, both programs instituted & poorly managed by the Government, which, for me personally, means that all that I've put into the system over many years will have been wasted. Now there's talk of folding 401k's into SS. Another potential grab & rule change.

So the younger generation is worried that "Global Warming" & "Carbon Footprints" (both based on junk science in my opinion) will somehow bring about the end in the not so distant future. My reaction? Since these uninformed younger voters are so apathetic toward issues that affect those of us who have worked hard & contributed so heavily over the years, why should people like me care about the next generation's quality of life 20 years from now? Why should I care if they're all wearing designer respirators? That sounds way too cynical & frankly, I really do care & hope things are better for future Americans. I just have my doubts.

I believe we should take care of our planet, but implementing programs and placing controls that starve farmers (as is the case now in California - save the smelt, starve the citizens), & ruin business and, ultimatelty, our ability to earn a decent living, will certainly bring about a devastating end. Common sense is being ignored. The policies now being argued have nothing to do with the good, or will, of the people. They're designed as control mechanisms. Make the people dependent on Government, thus allowing the Government's intrusion into our lives to become... acceptable. Apathy - it's what politicians from both parties count on heavily as they shove their agendas through, & down our throats.

Disagreement is fine, & a two party system is always better than one. Apathy, however, is unacceptable.